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A Morning in Tea Garden (Gucialit Lumajang)

Gucialit in Design
Before the sunrise comes and gold shine gild the earth, we were going to tea garden. A special group delegated to consider our matter with green dress. They guided us there. She is Mbak Vita, Mbak Cici and one cameraperson I cannot mention. Whoa properly, we should made introduction each other before.

We saw many kinds of flowers through the walks. The prominent one is the yellow flower. It is kind of Cosmos suplphureus. It is kind of yellow cosmos. In Indonesia it's called as bunga kenikir. I picked out one of them then inserted through the book gap. That’s nice!

Along the way, Mbak Vita told us about several of tea. Two laves up the tree used as white tea, that’s why this type is the most expensive. Two leaves above usually used as green tea. Adding two leaves above them are used as black tea.

Pluck the Leaves
The path rising curve and it made us like at one’s last gasp. Breathe noisily, as if someone is exhausted. Fortunately, the committees stop at the top. Especially, nearby great gazebo. There played a game. One question you should answer, why you want to be a writer. Write there on your note and walks again follow the guide.

Let me answer first. As a writer I want to spreads the peace and kindness to whole the world. We knew that, one pen can shout million heads. That is why. I cannot speak well. Well, my speaking skill not practicing yet. Ya, I should improve that skill but me, Icomfortable in writing than speaking. In writing, we can edit our work, but in speaking when words out from your mouth you cannot take it back.

Calm Down
Actually same condition as you publish your work in media social such FB or blog. When your writing posted there and red by the reader, you cannot throw it back whilst you are hurt the reader. Fakkir qabla anta’zim. Think first, before doing something. So do not make your loyal reader suffering caused by your bad words.

Watch Out
The group stuck in the moment in the wrong way. We walk on the dead block. While thinking about the right path, the leader told us to answer the next question. Mention five things, you think about tea garden. That was the clue. All participants started to writing. In east, the sun begins to rise. It makes us inspirable to answer the question.

Still, we stand in one line because the road was too small. If we take a wrong movement, we fall down the deep chasm. Since, we are on the high hill; writing while watching the sun rising behind the mountain.

First thing is I curious to find the beautiful flower. Then I imagine capturing the beautiful panorama with best angle. If it possible I want to catch it with the great one; DSLR. Tells God about that makes a good praying and says, Aamiin. In fact, I took it with 2 MP lens camera of phone. Alhamdulillah, you just need much light and best angle.

The third is pick up the tea. There many tea trees there. I wish I could follow the process. Take off from pluck the leaves till it becomes a cup of tea with nice aroma. How about jasmine tea?

Among Them
Then fourthly is making afternoon tea such British tradition. Served there all kinds of tea; white, green the black. Adding into the table kinds of sweet also finger sandwiches, scones, which served warm. Read more about afternoon tea here. The last, enjoy the time. Use it wisely. Laugh with all participant of Writing Camp. Acquainting in their face and mention them into beads of pray. More about afternoon tea click here..

The Memorizers

Finally, we walk back, go down along the road, and descend to the hill. We walk to another path. Road with more tea trees and nice aroma. I always try to be in the front. In addition to capture picture graciously, I follows what Mbak Vita and Mbak Cici recited. Along the way, they repeat what they memorized from Holy Qur’an.

So which of favors of your Lord would you deny? I just like saw the grass, trees, and even the hill followed what they recited. Ah, I remembered that yearningly.

Core Memory
In the next post, Mbak Vita gave us a question. What theme you want to be in your writing? Absolutely, tea garden! Write that dandy journey then I made this! Published a blog-post.

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  1. Noted mbak, if I go home to Jember, I will ask this place to my friends, hehe..Are u form Lumajang? or just visited by your group?

    1. After ask the place, maybe you can go there too :)

      I just delegated from FLP Bangkalan,Mbak Prita ^^

  2. Like the view! Btw, along time ago we ever going tea garden. Maybe 19th years ago, hahaha... but I will again.

  3. Usul nih, kasih aplikasi terjemahan. Xixixix

  4. Komennya nggak harus pakai bahasa inggris kan, Mbak. :D

  5. Seger banget pemandanganya :D