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“Modesty brings nothing but good.”
-Shahih Bukhari-
“Mbak, find my black skirt and the white one,” My sister asked me stood by TV. Willy-nilliy I moved from my work, surfing on many webs. She was in hurry. In case of need
Then I searching on many cupboards. For the best skirt that she will bring to school. She need for some activities there.

I found them. In the cup board which is near to TV and my own cupboard in the room. Yuhu! Then I gave them to my beloved sister. Ups! Actually not. I just put on bed. A few* minutes later, she spoke out.

We and the modesty
 “Not this skirts, Mbak. I want another that have more bright colors,” she  disappointed. Won’t bring the skirts I gave. Here the excuse.
    *The black skirt is mine. Not her own skirt which is has bright color. Fairly, I have that few years a go.
    *The white skirt I gave usually used by PASKIBRAKA (Group that fly away the national flag) when my sister at Elementary School and that’s not hers. 

In a fact, those skirts still can be used by her. But my sister won’t use its just because the color’s little worn out. Little. Thruthfully, It’s not mind. Her school regulation doesn’t matter with that problem.

I just remembered with the daily life of Rasulullah S.A.W. He just only has little* cloth. When his cloth broken. He sewed his own cloth. Then if the cloth really broken, she just buy the new modesty-cloth.

Different! Me and The Prophet. We have the blue cloth, but we want other blue in different style. Actually it’s same. Are we wanna same with other people? Are you follower? Remember, Islam came with the strange. It’s different with other religion. Fairly, then you like an alien for them. No matters happen, just believe what exactly exist on Qur’an and Hadith.

I differ from Rasulullah certainty, but we as Moslem must follow the rabbinic from our Prophet. Must do what Allah gave on Qur’an.

The old stuff that still good in use, please use. You can combination with others. Mix and match until you get what you want. If still good in use, use it! Then don’t throw away your money for it. Save your money for the required people.

"Amongst them are men who made a covenant with Allah, that if He bestowed on them of His bounty, they would give (largely) in charity, and be truly amongst those who are righteous."
(Q.S. At-Taubah: 75)

A few: use for positive sentence and countable noun (C+)
Few: use for negative sentence and uncountable noun (UN-)
A little: use for negative sentence and uncountable noun (UN-)
Little: use for positive sentence and countable noun (C+)

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